What we do

WA Customs takes complete care of all customs formalities. We guarantee a quick and professional handling of all your import, export and transit activities. Because we have our own connection to the AGS (Netherlands) and PLDA (Belgium) declaration systems, we can make declarations and put them directly in the computer system at customs.

Our range of services for importers, exporters and their logistic partners includes:

  • Direct representation for import and export declarations
  • Advance payment on import duties, levies, excise duties and VAT on import documents
  • Requesting customs permits
  • Outward processing
  • Requesting and issuing certificates (EUR1, EUR-MED, ATR, CvO)
  • Advice in the field of customs procedures
  • Limited fiscal representation
  • Dispute settlements with customs authorities
  • Objection and appeal procedures
  • Electronic NCTS (Transit) T1 / T2 documents with surety
  • Arranging GBD inspection upon entry


If you have any questions about these or our other various services, please contact us.

Questions? Contact us!