Specialist customs services for every aspect of your trade

Customs clearance can be quite difficult to comprehend and to arrange. Unless you let the experts at WA Customs handle them for you. Our team of customs specialists can take care of all customs activities, making sure that Customs / HMRC receives all necessary documents for your cargo. This way, we can guarantee that your shipment is processed correctly and with the right documentation. Read more about our agency.

THE customs broker for the Netherlands and Belgium

The experts at WA Customs have all the knowledge and authorizations required to ensure that your imports and exports take place in accordance with all applicable rules. They know the procedures through and through, so that they can lodge the correct and required documents for each shipment to and from the Netherlands and Belgium. This way, you can be assured that your customs are dealt with quickly, accurately and on time.

Advice & Support

In addition, WA Customs can give you advice on your international trade and answer any questions about import and export processes or regulations. We will support you in the preparation and implementation of import and export processes, even if they are exceptional, one-off shipments. We use our expertise to find a solution for everything. Over the years, WA Customs has helped many other entrepreneurs with their international trade.